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About our studio


Our Awesome Story

3Dit Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio, workshop and architectural think tank. Focusing on projects exploring the intersections of art and design with advanced fabrication technologies, robotics, responsive building systems and public space. 3Dit Studio is an interdisciplinary studio with an adventurous team of interaction designers, interior designers, technologists, and digital craftspeople.

Interior space with imagination, traditions, and love…that is the way we talk of design, visualize, and realize it. We create a personal space with individualized details that can tell a story. This is the base value and our specialty. 3Dit's Workshop is entirely new, precipitously growing platform for bold ideas and new innovations.


Our Skills

From abstract to photorealistic, our visualization and animations help ensure that your design vision is fully realized—creatively and technically—before work begins. Working with a spectrum of software that allows us to go above and beyond. We design everything from brands to bars to bakeries, from books to bottles to boxes. Our collective experience covers both brand and design disciplines so we can help you from initial idea to ultimate expression. We are visual arts experts, who are skilled in color scheming, graphic design, architectural design and information flow. We as designers utilize our creativity, intuition and imagination, to design amazing user experiences.